Sales and Support Guide

Effective date: 26th February 2019

Last updated: 26th February 2019



This document describes the processes and resources related to the Go Connect Server (Developer Edition) (GCS-DE) product. 

Quotes and orders

Any new orders will first require a quote to be raised by Mondago. To request a quote a ticket needs to be raised through Mondago’s Developers Support portal  here

Click on “Create new ticket” and complete the requested information. Where it asks “How can we help you today” please select “Request a quotation”. Please answer all the pre-set questions and add further details in the “Summary description” area. 

This will raise a ticket on our pre-sales team who will respond with either a quote or if necessary, further clarifying questions prior to providing a quote. 

To then place your order, send a purchase order (PO) with the quote number on the PO to:  

Ordering and Renewing Software Assurance

Software Assurance (SA) is Mondago’s software support service and provides access to technical support and software updates. A full description of the service can be found  here

For requests for a “new” license, the quote will always include SA unless otherwise noted in your original request. When the request is add to licenses to an existing license key the quote will always apply to the current SA arrangement for that license key. 

We will send annual renewal reminders for existing SA contracts prior to expiry and an online management system (MSAMS) is also available for you to check the status against previous orders. 

SA is an optional service that can be taken out on a per license basis but please be aware that re-instatement fees apply if a contract is allowed to lapse. 

It should also be noted that, should SA be taken out on an installation where the PBX is no longer supported then only limited support can provided for issues related to the CTI interface. 

Placing support tickets

Faults and technical queries related to the software can be raised through Mondago’s Developers Support portal by clicking on “Create new ticket” and completing the requested information   here. Where it asks “How can we help you today” please select the most appropriate option.  

Micro-sites and other resources

Access to important documents such as those listed below are available through the Developer Solutions V3 microsite. Please contact us if you have not already received a login for this. 

Important documents available at the microsite include: 

  • Software downloads 
  • API documentation 
  • PBX information* 
  • Installation guides and specifications 
  • Guide to Software Assurance 
  • MSAMS user guide 
  • Support SLA 
  • Pricing 
  • Release notes 

*Please note; to get access to PBX information you will need access to our “PBXviewer” web-site. This requires a different login which can be requested from the site itself.  

Upgrading a branded version of GCS-DE to V3

It is possible that your current of GCS-DE (2.6 and earlier) was branded specifically for your use. The new V3 of GCS-DE is not branded and it may mean you need to take extra care if you are upgrading an installation. 

It is unlikely that your current installations will need to be upgraded that often but, should you experience an issue that requires an upgrade and your current version is branded then we would advise an un-install and re-install using the steps below: 

  1. Make a note of your serial number and release the license. 
  1. Make a note of the unlock codes. 
  1. Contact the Mondago support desk and request for the license key to be released and updated for “V3 DEVELOPER”. 
  1. Un-install the current V2.6 server including the option to remove the database. 
  1. Install the V3 server, apply the new license code and follow the normal configuration process.  

Terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions associated with an order are provided with each quote and invoice. 
  • A EULA is included with the software 
  • A guide to Software Assurance and the support SLA is available from the micro-site