Integrating your telephone system with your CRM or Business System can provide significant productivity gains to your organization. For example, you can quickly know who is calling, and get their details on the screen with one click. You can also click on their contact number to automatically make your handset dial the number.

Mondago solutions support an extensive range of CRM integrations providing a range of integration features from those described below. Up to four CRM integrations can be concurrently configured.

Click to dial

From out of web browsers, integrated applications, and other helpful dialing options

Caller Preview

Search the integrated CRM for callers info when you make or receive a call, and “preview” the details in a “toast” pop up

Contact Popping

Allow users to “pop” caller’s records within the integrated CRM from a live call or directory

Address Book

Simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated CRM applications and call or pop a contact from the results

Add Contact

Add new contacts to the integrated CRM from multiple locations such as the live call Preview window, Call history and Missed calls pop up


Manually or automatically log a record of a call against a caller’s contact record, also called Call Tracking


Add an existing contact’s details from one integrated CRM to another

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