With partnerCRM, you can quickly implement CRM Integration with hundreds of popular CRM applications straight from your own desktop unified communications client. partnerCRM provides an API to Mondago’s CRM Integration libraries, enabling you to include features such as caller name search, contact popping, address book searching, and activity logging within your own desktop client. Access to our advanced click-to-dial techniques is also included. The extensive list of supported CRM’s continues to grow with each new release of partnerCRM. 

partnerCRM product by Mondago

To search CRMs supported by partnerCRM, follow the link below:

How will my customers benefit if I offer CRM Integration?

CRM and other contact management type systems are used to help manage a company’s relationships and interactions with their customers.

Offering CRM Integration with your solution will improve your customers business relationships and helps them to grow their business. When tied or integrated to their phone system, CRM integration can help to significantly improves a user’s productivity.

CRM Integration Features Provided


From out of web browsers, integrated applications, and other helpful dialing options

Caller Preview

Search the integrated CRM for callers info when you make or receive a call, and “preview” the details in a “toast” pop up

Contact Popping

Allow users to “pop” caller’s records within the integrated CRM from a live call or directory

Address Book

Simultaneously search the contact directories of all integrated CRM applications and call or pop a contact from the results

Activity Logging

Manually or automatically log a record of a call against a caller’s contact record, also called Call Tracking

How does it work?

partnerCRM is a desktop application (Windows and Mac) that, once installed, makes an easy-to-use REST API available to your own desktop client, enabling you to incorporate telephony-based CRM Integration natively within your own desk client. There is also a WebSocket to send events (such as Click to Dial) back to your client. 

Let’s Get Started!

If partnerCRM sounds like the product for your own desktop client, reach out to us for more information!