Extension for Zoho PhoneBridge 

Integrate your phone system and seamlessly enrich your customer interactions

Extension for Zoho is an innovative solution to integrate your phone system with the Zoho platform, helping your sales and support teams handle more calls more effectively. 

Users can manage all call-related activities inside Zoho and enrich customer interactions through call notifications, click to dial, and call log integration features. Detailed Instructions for setup can be found by using the add-in guide available directly from the Go Integrator client. 

Key Features:
  • Screen pop-ups for calls: Receive screen pop-ups for incoming and outgoing calls to see instantly who is calling you or who is being called. The pop-ups that appear in Zoho provide detailed information and contextual access to the historical interactions with the contact.
  • Click to Dial: Call your customers and leads directly from your Zoho account with a single click using the Click to Dial feature.
  • Automatic call logs: All incoming and outgoing call activities are logged automatically inside the Zoho platform.
  • Presence Window: A dockable window allowing a user to see extension status/availability of their coworkers, call coworkers, transfer calls, or pick up coworker calls.

Detailed Instructions for setup can be found by using the add-in guide available directly from the Go Integrator client or follow the setup guide below.

Zoho PhoneBridge Setup

1. In the system tray right click the Go Integrator icon and select ‘Configuration – Configure user options’

2. Under ‘INTEGRATIONS’ select ‘Add new’

3. From the dropdown list, select ‘Zoho PhoneBridge’ and press ‘Set’

4. Select ‘Help’ from the bottom menu box

5. The Zoho PhoneBridge add-in guide will open in your default browser.  Follow these instructions to setup the integration.


Q. Why doesn’t Zoho PhoneBridge appear in my integration list?

A. You will have an older version of the Go Integrator product, you will need to download the latest version.  Please talk to your Go Integrator Service Provider/maintainer about obtaining this.

Q. I can’t get the Go Integrator software to integrate with Zoho PhoneBridge

A. For additional help with setting up the integration, please speak to your maintainer of you Go Integrator software