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A core part of what we do at Mondago is enabling and that doesn't end with the software we develop ourselves. Our APIs and SDKs are developed to enhance the productivity and flexibility of other developers' software and to make the development and testing process easier for them.

How We Can Help

Developers of Contact Management and other database driven applications are often looking to build telephony integration into their products but are put off by the wide range of telephone systems and the different interfaces supplied by each.

We can help by providing near normalised outputs from a range of APIs and SDKs for all the telephone systems we support.  Click here to see the systems we support.  Alternatively, we can write a "plug-in" to include with our own CTI products.

Using the API/SDK approach means the developer can determine their own CTI features and tightly embed these into the operation of their application. Using a "plug-in" we write will limit the feature set to core features such as "click to dial", "contact popping" and "caller preview", but will provide instant access to our existing telephone system manufacturer partners and their associated channels.

How We Can Help
Extended TAPI

Extended TAPI

We are very proud of Extended TAPI API - it is our cleverest API. It is a replacement for the traditional "TAPI driver" as a way to connect to a PBX. It allows application vendors to stop using the traditional approach without any development effort. We think it is valuable to every existing TAPI developer. If your application has been written for TAPI then we can help you port it to a much larger list of telephone systems with our extended TAPI interface.

Our extended TAPI interface is amazing. It really does provide a single driver method of connecting to over 40 telephone systems. This is not through some kind of quick fix. No, it is the result of years of careful integration, normalizing these telephone systems into a single common interface.

If you're familiar with TAPI, then you're probably thinking: "Sure, our application works with TAPI, but we have to make changes for every system that we connect to, since they all behave slightly differently." Well this is true, but our extended TAPI interface can operate in 'quirks mode' allowing it to function as exactly the type of TAPI telephone system that you prefer. Thus we can make even the other existing TAPI telephone systems behave in a more consistent way for your application.


Mondago have a range of technologies that are available in Software Development Kit form. These include:

  • TAPI
  • CSTA (text based)
  • CSTA (XML over SIP)
  • Event port (text based)
  • Websockets for JavaScript
  • .NET (Telephony)
  • .NET (General, i.e. provisioning)
Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities

We have most of the major telephone systems in our labs. We regularly test our server platform on them for a variety of common call scenarios.

For a very modest price, we give our partners access to one or many of them for testing. Also for a modest price, we can execute their testing plans for them.