What is "Go"?

At Mondago, we provide the magic glue that makes telephone systems and applications work together. We spend time working with each major telephone system and write a communication layer that talks to the telephone system in its language. If a telephone system works well then we award it the "Go" logo. If it doesn't, then we work with the manufacturer to help them correct any deficiencies. Click here to find out which telephone systems we support:Telephone systems In a similar way, we work with the manufacturers and vendors of computer telephony (CTI) and business system (CRM) software. We use reliable techniques to integrate with both the data and user interface of the application to achieve three fundamentals of integration: Data integration, Dialing, and Popping. When an application can support these three things then we award it the "Go" logo. Thus you can have the reassurance that connecting a "Go" telephone system and a "Go" business application will work well together.